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The road network

The road network in Milan province is one of the densest and most heavily trafficked in all of Europe. The province's road network extends for over 1,500 km (26 are under construction) and comprises 186 km of motorways and ring roads, 263 km of trunk roads, 1045 km of provincial roads, about 900 km of municipal roads, and a dense grid of urban streets and minor roads in agricultural and other non-urban areas.
The road network is highly complex, and suffers from severe congestion on its main motorways, which are responsible for linking various Italian regions together, and especially on the access roads to Milan. The urban road network extends for approximately 1,846 km.

Area C

Area C is the congestion charge regulating access to the Cerchia dei Bastioni limited trafficarea (Ztl) in the city centre of Milan. It is active on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays (holidays excepted) from 7.30 a.m to 19.30 p.m, and Thursdays (holidays excepted) from 7.30 a.m to 18 p.m. A ticket is required to enter Area C. The entrance fee to the Cerchia dei Bastioni ZTL must be paid on the day of access, no later than midnight the next day, or through delayed payment within seven days of entry.

Limited Traffic Areas (ZTL)

Limited Traffic Areas (Zone a Traffico Limitato – ZTL) are areas in which vehicle access is allowed only for certain user categories and certain types of vehicles.
For more information see the section on: ZTL Services and Permits.


In large parts of the city parking is by payment and/or permit for local residents.Spaces where parking is by payment or permit are easily identified by road surface markings (coloured lines) and road signs detailing the parking modalities.
For more information see the section on: Services and Permits.