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According to traffic laws, pedestrian zones are "areas in which vehicles are prohibited, with the exception of emergency vehicles, velocipedes, or vehicles for persons with limited mobility, with possible waivers for zero-emission vehicles which, in light of their size and speed, can be equated to velocipedes". Bicycles – which fall under the definition of ‘velocipedes' – are thus allowed, but "under certain circumstances, municipalities can introduce additional restrictions to access to pedestrian zones, which restrictions must beindicated through appropriate signage".


Pay attention to any restrictions indicated with specific signs.


Sign indicating a pedestrian zone


Pedestrian zones in Milan

Milan's historic city centre is quite small, and can be travelled almost entirely on foot. In addition, there are several parks, pedestrian zones, and limited traffic areas for pleasant strolls away from traffic and smog. The best-known pedestrian zone comprises Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza Duomo, and Via Dante. The Municipality of Milan intends to extend this pedestrian area to surrounding streets. The municipal administration is planning to institute new pedestrian areas and improve existing ones, and has earmarked € 2.16 million to do this. The goal is to increase the surface area of pedestrian zones, which currently amounts to 161,000 square meters, by 25%.

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